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Exhibition Email Marketing

What is email marketing for exhibition or Online Trade Event Branding?

Exhibition, trade fair and event marketing the world over via the web is what referred to as exhibition or event email marketing. Email marketing for exhibition is the fast growing strategy in this business line. It is the most cost effective way of promoting your exhibition.

Telesys works for you through online trade event branding to market your exhibition worldwide to a targeted market. Get email marketing done for your exhibition and promote your exhibition through us.

Email marketing is the most effective way to promote your exhibition or event.

What we provide?

Our Trade Show E-marketing can be a very effective and helps a lot in promoting any of your exhibition or event. Your event can greatly benefit due to email marketing. But, sometimes due to spam, email marketing is not effective. We, on the other hand, assure to carry on spotless email marketing, which will not result in spam. But the emails will reach to your targeted customers. We try to improve your results and boost your exhibition promotion.

Some of the things need to remember by exhibitors while hosting an event or an exhibition so that they can get high returns on their investment.

Things to be done before the Show:

Intensively, choose the subject you will participate in and find whether the attendees are worth for future prospects. It is important to get less quality leads rather than large amount, which are not useful.

Setting goals: Sales, marketing and management are should be given priority while setting goals for an exhibition. This helps to build the success you're your exhibition or event.

Plan in writing: Make sure your managers have signed off on your plan, and don't procrastinate until the deadline looms. The overall plan should include an agenda with tasks designated.

Design an attractive booth: It is important to design an attractive booth as it draws attendees and bring you good prospects. Eye-catching graphics and deadly headlines entice prospects to swing by for more information.

Invite known prospects: Before setting the show, send emails to your list with free passes to the exhibition. This will raise interest in them and may even turn out to be your future customers. Just before the time of the event, call out to your invitees to remind them to come by to visit, offering a good reason to do so.

Market it: By giving free passes to your attendees you can draw their attention and send them to your company seminar where more detailed information about products can be given and interest to buy it can be triggered. This seminar can be given by staff members.

Train exhibit staff: Staff should know what their definite roles are and what they have to do to get the best Return on the investment on the show. They need to know about new products, latest news about their company and its overall objectives. Create a custom lead form for staff to offer, which includes qualifying questions for your prospects.

Things to be done During the Show

Create your company's booth identity: Unique uniforms identify your staff members. Traffic can also build through pre-show email sending which is same as the uniform style.

Live demos: Give live Demos of your products so as to attract people to your exhibit. Give them more information about your business. This helps for greater prospects.

Record prospect information: The main objective of the event is to generate leads so ask your employees to jot down any query, complain, problems or needs of the customers so that this can be helpful in the future. Even the contact information can be taken to offer them some rewards for future prospects.

Things to be done After the Show

Send materials immediately: Keep ready your Follow-up information and it has to be sent immediately. Quick response and timely feedback will create opportunity for you to step ahead of your competitors.

Help prospects take the next step: Always be sure to add what the next step is in the information you send. This helps them to contact you.

Follow-up: Quick follow up will help to create good relationship and help in future prospects. Offer them some value for more information. This can be anything a guide, an invitation to seminar or webinar, a paper or a guide.

Track leads to the sale: Make the detail marking of the sales and the revenue generated. So that you can use this for future growth prospects like setting a conference the next year.

Complete an evaluation: Get the complete detail about the work of the exhibition. The things, which have triggered the sales and the things, which have obstructed the sales this all will give you to plan for the next event.

Get feedbacks from your attendees and work on it so that you know where you are failing and can correct any mistakes.

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