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Email Marketing Usefull for


IT Industry/ Offshore Outsourcing Email Marketing

What is the need for IT email marketing?

As more and more IT companies are coming in the field, a need has arisen for software email marketing.

IT industry does require email marketing to survive in this cut-throat competitive internet world. Email marketing is the best tool to reach your targeted customers.

Email marketing is the best option to trigger your IT business and brings in more revenue.

What we provide?

All you need is to start our IT Email Marketing. We provide various emails marketing tools and strategies for you, which will surely enhance your business and your growth rate soars high.

Get soon to our email marketing strategies and get the best of us for your growth.

What is offshore outsourcing company?

In present times, companies are opting for offshore outsourcing. It is reliable and brings in more profits. Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions in a country other than the one where the products or services are actually developed or manufactured.

Email Marketing for offshore outsourcing companies

With the boom in IT industry and constant increase in the growing demand of software services, it has become paramount to drag more and more companies towards you to provide your services. Here, email marketing plays a pivotal role to boost your company profit graph.

What TELESYS email marketing provide?

There are numerous benefits that come along with our email marketing campaign.

We ensure you most effective ways to increase your offshore outsourcing clients and make your business boom.

Client acquisition

Getting email address of a visitor to your site will give you chance to persuade them to purchase something by sending emails offering some discounts, freebies, etc.

Client loyalty

It is quite easy to retain your existing customers rather than making new ones. Email helps inform your customers about new products and sales offers. This way you can cross-sell and up-sell.

Brand awareness and credibility

Developing creative email campaigns improve your company perception in the eyes of customers. This make them visit again and again.

Efficiency and automation

It is the most cost effective and speedy online marketing channel. You can tailor campaigns to reach your targeted clients.

Client service

A feedback form attached with your emails helps you get comments from your customers. This encourages you to give more enhanced and impeccable services to your clients and increase your sales.

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