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News:- By subscribing to the Telesys Autoresponder and Email Marketing Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), the Customer accepts to use it in compliance with the Telesys Anti-Spam Policy stated below. The use of the Service is also subject to the applicable Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Telesys follows a zero tolerance spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited emails in any form while using the Service.
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Email Delivery
Email Delivery

Using regular email to communicate with your entire audience? You may be missing out! More of your customers will see your email with Telesys. Our overall email delivery rate is consistently above 97 percent.*. Here's why:

You can rely on Telesys's long standing reputation
  * Internet Service Providers (ISPs) trust emails that originate from Telesys's IP addresses and    domain name
We make sure your campaigns get delivered externally as well
  * Our ISP Relations Team builds and nurtures relationships with all the major Internet Service Providers so    that we can respond and resolve any problems quickly and amicably if our customers get flagged
* Our Compliance Team reviews email campaigns and lists to make sure that our customers are compliant    with legislation and current anti-spam technologies in order to prevent issues before they start
We hold our customers to high standards with good email marketing habits and practices
  * We require customers to use permission-based email lists, and prohibit the use of rented or purchased lists
* We educate our customers about permission-based lists, email subject lines, and related topics, like 5 tips    to increase your email deliverability4, and our Email Delivery Webinar
* We provide authentication of outbound campaigns to help prevent forgery so that your email stays unique    to you
* All Telesys customers must verify their email address before mailing a campaign for the first time
* Our Compliance team will contact you if your list appears to be purchased or "harvested" from other sources    to educate you on proper list practices
* Occasionally, we must close a customer account that uses bad practices. We don't like doing this. But our    No. 1 obligation to the rest of our customers is keeping Telesys delivery rates high
Our delivery maximization tools help get your email campaigns to the inbox
  * Anti-Spam Checker spots possible trouble in your emails and suggests changes
* Telesys's templates are format-tested in most email programs to ensure that the email you send    — whether HTML or text — is the email your customers see
* Telesys Email Authentication assigns you a unique domain name that's tied to each email you    send, so your emails are not grouped in with those of other customers

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